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Think Safe, Be Safe


Bloodborne Pathogens

Certificates are good for 1 year


Check, Call, Care



Adult CPR

Child CPR

Infant CPR

or any combination of classes are available


All CPR classes include AED


Certificates are good for 2 years


Check, Call, Care

First Aid


First Aid covers recognizing sudden illness, strokes, internal and external bleeding as well as splinting


Certificates are good for 2 years


Check, Call, Care



  • I liked the hands on activities because they made me feel able to perform the task if I had to.

  • Very good instructor, very thorough instruction.

  • Instructor, very knowledgeable & entertaining – good information.

  • The hands on really helped because you were actually doing what you were learning.  Also liked being involved with all the questions.

  • The instructor was very knowledgeable, she did hands-on demonstrations. I liked the CPR activity the best.

  • Good instructor, good presentation of information.  I learned a lot in the class. Good local knowledge of hypothermia and frostbite.


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